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Mikio Shishido

Representative Director, Kamakura Mindfulness Lab Ltd. Co-chairman of ZEN2.0 General Incorporated Association


He has been interested in the fusion of ancient wisdom on human consciousness, such as Buddhism, and science, such as quantum mechanics, since his student days, and has continued his personal exploration. He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in physical engineering, and after completing his postgraduate studies at the same university, he worked for IBM Japan before joining Alue Co., Ltd. in its early stages. As the person responsible for setting up the lecturing department, he was extensively involved in corporate human resource development. Later, he founded Kamakura Mindfulness Lab and developed corporate training programmes to utilise the spirit of Zen and mindfulness in corporate management, organisational development and human resource development. He also co-founded Zen 2.0, an international forum on Zen and mindfulness, which is held annually at Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura. He is a co-author of Marketing ZEN.

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