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What is Marketing ZEN?

As the limits of capitalism are pointed out, increasingly complex and sophisticated marketing methods are reaching a dead end. Under the guise of 'improving the customer experience', companies worldwide are attempting to capture consumers’ behavioral histories in data. This has led to marketing that over-engages, unsettles and disengages consumers.


Meanwhile, targeted advertising and stealth marketing are beginning to be reviewed, and 'dark patterns' that manipulate customer behaviour through a user interface (UI) and other design features are also attracting criticism. Companies are being asked to restructure their marketing strategies.


The Zen approach to marketing and management is a powerful tool in this environment. We have named it Marketing ZEN. In Marketing ZEN, we listen to our inner voice and find our mission, our Purpose. We are also conscious of sustainable environments and relationships, rather than pursuing expansion of scale. This approach is a departure from conventional growth-oriented marketing methods.

 Marketing industry trying to learn from Zen.

Actually, the Western marketing industry is trying to learn from Zen. In 2021, the World Marketing Forum, with the theme of 'Technology for Humanity: Marketing for Happiness', organised by the Asian Marketing Federation and co-organised by the Japan Marketing Association and others was held in Kenchoji Temple Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. The "Father of Marketing" Philip Kotler also made an online appearance. Kotler himself has begun to advocate a new framework for marketing in recent years.


Marketing ZEN also brings back 'humanity' back into the world of business. E-newsletters, blogs, promotional videos, and advertisements are just some of the various content that businesses strive to deliver to consumers. However, as technology has advanced, there has been a decline in tasteful content and an increase in inorganic content. In other words, business is losing its humanity.


Why on earth is this? The distance between companies and consumers, which was originally supposed to be close, has widened considerably. The excesses of the capitalist economy have led to consumers distrusting companies and weakening of the relationship. There is a huge gulf between the two sides.


At the heart of the Marketing ZEN concept is the idea of 'nonseparation of self and others'. By erasing the boundaries between ourselves and others, we return to the original customer-oriented approach and bring about a cycle and sustainability to corporate activities and the global environment.

Our Story

 How Marketing ZEN was born

Marketing ZEN was created by Mikio Shishido, a mindfulness expert, and Shinji Tanaka, a content marketing consultant.


Amidst calls for limits on capitalism, they strongly felt the need to present a new set of values and a new way of doing business and marketing. From there, the two held discussions and conducted interviews domestically and overseas. Through dialogue with people such as Zen monks and managers who practise well-organised management, they became convinced that the clues to a new approach could be found in Zen and mindfulness. Their mission was to present a new way of marketing, and they began developing the concept of Marketing ZEN. Four years have passed since they began their work, and finally, Marketing ZEN was born.


Steps in the introduction of Marketing ZEN

Marketing ZEN starts with a look at oneself. It can also be seen as a process of clarifying the position of the brand (company). Here, the mind is prepared through work such as mindfulness meditation and creating a life history. When the mind is prepared, the voice of one's own heart, i.e. one's intrinsic motivation, becomes visible. This can be described as a path, a reason for being or an aspiration. Following this, you let go of excess. At the same time, you explore the right size of your business.

 What happens when you work on Marketing ZEN.

You will have a clear mind and a clear purpose. You will see clearly what you need to do. By understanding the concept of non-separation of self and others. your happiness level will increase, and you will be able to maintain your motivation. Ultimately, sustainable business is achieved.

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