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Marketing ZEN

(Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing)


The book ‘Marketing ZEN’ explains a new marketing method inspired by ZEN philosophy. 

Focus on what you have to do. Don't chase expansion. Let go of business. Let go of marketing techniques. Make decisions with a sense of purpose. Be in harmony.


These may be quirky ideas. But Marketing ZEN can help businesses and people at a time when capitalism is reaching its limits. I will share Marketing ZEN with people all over the world.

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About this book

This book presents a new framework for marketing called 'Marketing ZEN'. The Zen approach to marketing and management is a powerful tool in an uncertain society and business climate. Marketing ZEN is an altruistic marketing approach that seeks nothing in return, with an awareness of the sustainable environment and relationships.


By erasing the boundaries between the company and others, it returns to the original customer-oriented approach and brings about circulation and sustainability in business activities. In other words, this also coincides with the SDGs in practice. In this book, two experts in mindfulness and marketing provide an overview of Marketing ZEN, the reasons why it is now required, and examples.


By the end of this book, readers will have a clear idea of what they need to do. In an increasingly complex society, the idea of  Marketing ZEN, which allows you to let go of everything and simply get on with your work, will free modern people from stress. The attitude of valuing purpose increases happiness, and the spirit of non-separation between self and others  brings an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) perspective to companies. It provides tips for companies to connect deeply with their target customer groups, including Generation Z.

Table of Contents

Introduction 【Read trial】

Chapter 1: What is Marketing ZEN?
Chapter 2: Why you need Marketing ZEN now.
Chapter 3: Gaze at yourself - clarify where your brand stands.
Chapter 4: Let go and streamline your business.
Chapter 5: Find the right size for your business.
Chapter 6: Narrow down your marketing measures.
Chapter 7: Organise your relationship with clients.
Chapter 8: Let's harmonise.
Chapter 9: Find your own time line.
Additional chapter: How to prepare the mind for the 'Marketing ZEN method'.
in conclusion
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